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Ismael Lasalle

Executive Chef

Born in the vibrant town of Isabela, Puerto Rico, Ismael LaSalle, the Executive Chef of Sodexo Live! embodies the spirit of culinary excellence that defines the world's leading event hospitality company. His culinary journey began amidst the flavors and aromas of his hometown, where his passion for the culinary arts first ignited.

Chef Ismael LaSalle's formal culinary education led him to earn his Culinary Arts Diploma at Harcourt ICS, setting the stage for a remarkable career spanning over 25 years. Chef Ismael has been relentlessly dedicated to the culinary arts throughout this journey, showcasing his talent, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Ismael's professional odyssey commenced in Miami, where he served as a Sous Chef for Boston Culinary Group at the iconic Hard Rock Stadium. Today, he is one of the distinguished Executive Chefs at Centerplate, a testament to his culinary prowess and leadership skills in South Florida.

Chef Ismael's portfolio of achievements is nothing short of impressive. He has orchestrated culinary masterpieces at globally acclaimed events, including three Super Bowls, World Series, NHL All-Star games, and a monumental 9,000-person event for Ellucian Live at the Colorado Convention Center, encompassing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. His finesse in the culinary arts shone brightly during a luxurious dinner for 500 distinguished guests hosted by none other than the esteemed Prince of Monaco at the Harbor Side Convention Center.

In addition to his extraordinary event catering feats, Chef Ismael has had the honor of serving renowned celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Pitbull, and many more, leaving a lasting impression with his culinary creations.

While Chef Ismael LaSalle possesses a versatile culinary skill set, his heart beats strongest for Latin Caribbean cuisine, a passion that infuses his creations with authentic flavors and cultural richness. Moreover, his expertise extends to the realm of baking and desserts, where he crafts delectable treats that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression on every guest.

With his roots in Puerto Rico and his culinary expertise honed on the global stage, Chef Ismael LaSalle continues to inspire and elevate the world of event hospitality, leaving an indelible mark on every culinary creation and event he touches.